Sunday, November 06, 2005


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Are you sleeping at the moment?Obviously not,because you are involved in readindg.So,when you are not sleeping,what state you may be said to be in?Yes! you can be said to be in ‘awakened’ state or ‘conscious’ state of mind.When you are at this ‘conscious’ level,what’s going on in your mind?At conscious level,your mind is involved in ‘thinking’.Have you ever tried to be ‘aware’of your thinking?Oh!yet another silly question?now this question is not at all silly.For,you really need to be aware of your thinking pattern.You really need to peep into your thoughts.Why?because ,first thing you need to know about your “thinking pattern” is that the thoughts running in your mind can be categorised into two streams.Would you ,now,like to guess or should i tell you?Ok,now let’s get down to serious business.

The thoughts running in your mind can be categorised as eighter positive or negative.If you keep on thinking positive thoughts,what is the possibility of your speech & actions to be positive?And,if you keep thinking negative thoughts,what is the possibility of your speech & actions to be negative?I’m sure you agree with me that this possibility is 100%.Yes!if you think’ positive’,you will speak ‘positive’& your actions will also be ‘positive’.

Now, let’s take this in the reverse order.let’s examine what happens when you speak positive in the first place.?Ok,when you speak positive to someone else,say two feet apart from you,who is the first person to listen to what you have spoken?You or the other person?Before giving an answer,please remember that your ‘ear’ is only three inches apart ftom your mouth while the other person is two feet away from you.So,obviously,you are the first person to listen to what you have just,who is going to be influenced the most by what you speak.Naturally,you & only you are going to be influenced the most by what you speak.

What ensures that you carry Positive Thoughts with you?It’s what you hear!It’s what you read! It’s what actions you take!It’s what kind of people you are with most of the time.So,should you forget that you are the first person to hear what you speak?Should you forget that it’s your whole body that resonates with the vibrations of your speech?Actually,the words you speak are instrumental in building or rather rebuilding your thoughts.

When someone asks you,”How are you?”your response could eighter be ,”I’m fine,thank you.”or,it could be,”Oh!just pulling around,there is no electricity,no infrastructure,no roads,no water supply,------------.”or it could be,”There are problems ,but we are working hard to get over them.”

Now,you can choose to speak a response ,listening to which could benefit you the most.

If two unknown people meet in a hot summer,at a railway platform,how would they strike a conversation?It could be,”Oh!it’s too hot seems unending during these summers.”or it could be,”What an excellent shirt you are wearing,where did you get it from?or”It’s so hot,but you are looking so fresh.”or”Availability of cold mineral water bottles has really relieved the passengers.”

Again,you have to choose speaking what kind of remark is going to help you the most.

Yes,just by being aware of what you are going to say
may bring a lot of difference in your thinking pattern.It can really change your attitude from negative to positive.

Great ancient Indian Politician & Philosopher Chanakya very rightly said (image placeholder)approximately 2500 years ago,”jihvayattou
vriddhivinashou” which states that it is your speech that can take you to the heights of success & prosperity & it is the same speech that can be the cause of your failure& destruction.Then he also said,”swargam nayati soonritam”which means that if the words uttered by you are true & full of politeness, then road for heaven is open for you.

How true! if you just watch what you speak,no one can stop you from being successful & positive in life .


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